Brad Koch

Small Business Coach

The Problem

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Free Registration

215 Richard Arrington- Suite 600

FREE workshop. Limited to 15 seats.


8 am


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Dot Edison

Join us for a special

Fine Tune Your Business Workshop

It's time your business started working for you.  Come see how that's possible.

Spend less time in the shop and make more money.

Car Repair Shop Owners

The customer's experience getting work done hasn't changed.  In a long time!

People who own cars and trucks, expect a different experience. 

Going to get your car fixed is the same. Maybe shop coffee is better today. 

What does 1970 & 2023 have in common?

Free Registration

Free Registration

Free Registration

Everything. When you focus on making the customer experience perfect, good things happen in the business.

What does this have to do with you working less and making more?

What that means for your industry.

Changes in the way people buy.


Add $10k to your bottom line without spending money on advertising.

Ask me anything about the business of your business.

Time Permitting


  • Customers not coming a second or third time. Because of friction.

  • You living at the shop.  Your business taking control of you.

  • Missed profit. Not having the systems and processes in place that make it EASY to increase the shop's profit.

  • Lower morale in the shop.

Vehicles have computers. Chips. Satellites. 

And your shops have kept up.







But the experience someone goes through to get their car worked on, has not.

What We'll Cover

What's at stake

The work you do HAS evolved over the years.

(at risk)

The Problem

What customer experience Is


Why it matters more than you think.